Our Vision

A diverse community of God's people,
worshiping together in unity,
bringing wholeness to all.

TKCC Vision
1/ Worship:Giving glory to God as creator and sustainer of all things.

2/ Prayer - the foundation: Roots of the tree. We need strong roots in Jesus through prayer. Our focus is on the Lord to lead and guide us. Every ministry will be birthed and sustained in prayer.

3/ Diversity of ministry: Branches of the tree
As a tree has branches extending in all directions, reflecting the diversity of ministries, our aim is that all members are active in growing effective ministries that use their gifts.

4/ Fruit of the tree:
As a church we offer shelter, refuge, restoration, healing, acceptance, love and encouragement.

5/ Purpose: Reaching the lost is our priority.
We aim to teach and equip people to reach out effectively.

6/ Multicultural emphasis: The birds
We are multicultural which means people from all nations and walks of life are welcome.

7/ Community:
We aim to provide a safe and secure environment where people of all ages can discover their place in God's family.